Our fabrics are designed in-house and woven at our world class manufacturing units, situated in the hub of textile manufacturers, in Barhi Industrial Area, Sonipat, India. Production facilities include two industrial units spread over 35,000 sq. ft. equipped with sophisticated machinery for weaving, dyeing, and finishing.The manufacturing setup is equipped with fully automatic machines with latest technologies. Our team with deep technical and specialist textile knowledge aim to develop innovative product lines every then and now.

R9500 Rapier Weaving Machine

At the Production unit, we have R9500 machinery for weaving dobby and plain fabrics. It is a cutting edge machine withwidest application range and has top weaving performance. The fabricproducedis of optimum quality. iPOS Intelligent Productivity Optimizing System maximize fabric productivity. It allows easy control of all technical parameters of the weaving machine. The machine gives us courage to manufacture wide variety of fabrics that could meet international standards very well.

Bonas Jacquard machine

The production unit is equipped with Bonas Textile Machinery used for manufacturing of jacquards. The machine is suitable for weaving all kind of jacquard as well as flat jacquard fabrics such as damask, furnishing fabrics, curtains, etc.It meets customer demand with high performance, flexibility and high speed. The mechanism is fit for rapier and high speed applications. We have produced endless fabrics on this machine. In terms of designs, the machine is capable of developing complicated designs efficiently. We are well known manufacturers of jacquard fabrics in PANIndia and the machineries are assets to our company. We are planning to launch curtains very soon and the machine has allowed us to create some beautiful designs.

Solvent Based Glue Automatic Laminating Machine

We are glad to say that ‘U-Like Fabrics’ is one of the few companies in India which provides additional finishing i.e. lamination to the fabrics. The trend of lamination and backing is new in India and we are proud to say that we have in house lamination machinery which give us wide possibilities.The Lamination Machine is used for laminating fabric, film and other materials, such as:Fabric+ Fabric, Fabric+ Nonwoven, Fabric+ Film (Membrane) such as PU film, TPU film, PTFE film, PE film, OPP film, BOPP film, OPP film, PVC film, Terry Cotton Backing etc. The laminated products have good adhesive property.

Type Film Transfer Bronzing & Printing Machine

The latest addition to our production unit is Transfer Bronzing and Printing Machines. Our company is a mover rather than a follower when it comes to experimentation and adapting new concepts. This makes us one of the Top Ten Indian Companies to bring the latest trend of bronzing to our country. We are looking forward to experiment and develop interesting designs for the future market. The machine is suitable for bronzing, transfer-printing of fabric, furrow-fabric, and colour changing of fabric along with lamination. The suitable materials are plastic-skin, PU, PVC, cotton-hemp, knitting, leather, PU, etc.